Dr. Moorehead is a gifted practitioner.  He employs a technique called Nutrition Response Testing or NRT which I consider to be the medicine of the future.  The supplements can be fairly expensive, depending on the issues, but they have totally resolved any health problem I brought to him -something all other vets COULD NOT do. This Doctor specializes in difficult cases and can heal, or at the very least, greatly improve the quality of health of your beloved pet.

I first found Dr. Moorehead over SIX years ago after my 8year old dog, Lula was diagnosed with an immune disorder by a Vet who specialized in Animal Allergies & Dermatology  – Discoid Lupus that can turn into regular Systemic Lupus. After expensive testing (required to definitively diagnose this particular disease) this vet wanted to put Lula on a drug for the rest of her life -Imuran which they give to organ transplant patients so they won’t reject the organ – it’s an immuno-suppressant with horrible side effects.  I declined saying, “I wouldn’t take that drug myself and I’m not giving it to my dog,” and walked out.

I don’t know how MainStreet Vets name came up in my searches but I was looking for natural methods as I am into them for myself and as a Registered Dietitian I am a big believer that lack of nutrition accounts for 75% of all disease.  Once I saw on their website that Dr. Moorehead does Nutrition Response Testing on pets (I had used NRT on myself with great results and had seen great results in my nutrition practice just using the whole food supplements by Standard Process that this vet uses) I made an appt immediately.

Well, within 2 weeks on the program her crusty, flaking, nearly pink nose was dramatically better and by 4 months she had regained the hair on the hairless rings around her eyes and the pink & flat-black nose color was back to the rich black cobblestone it’s supposed to be!I have pictures for anyone that needs proof.  I actually sent them to that vet specialist who prescribed the drug but never heard back.

NO ONE else does NRT for pets and Dr. Moorehead is a genius with the NRT.  I highly suggest PEOPLE do NRT as well – it IS, as I say, the medicine of the future and worth the money to resolve or improve important health issues.

By the way, if you do go and do the program, keep your supplements in the fridge as it will protect their potency – so you and your pet can use them the next year or two – even if they are expired they are still probably 75% effective.  (They are required to have an expiration date to insure full potency and also in case they’re dug up 10 years from now etc.) This will save you $$$ because typically you may need the same nutrition boost again. Keep a list of what and how much of each you have on hand b4 you do the next visit so you’ll know if you need to buy more.

My (now)14 year old Lula has been doing GREAT and has been seeing him several times a year for a nutrition tune-up and also to resolve any major issues like vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, lethargy and skin conditions that crop up.  All issues TOTALLY resolved or improved immeasurably! I truly believe my sweet Lula would not still be here with me today had I not found MainStreet Vets.

Oh and Dr. Moorehead has a WONDERFUL bedside manner as a doctor and all of his staff are friendly and nice, too!