Have you tried a “holistic” doc before?? Me neither, until I ran out of options or so I thought. As it turned out, Dr Moorehead at MainStreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain was the best option.

“Thumper”, my Boston terrier, has always been my healthy boy. However, in Aug 2015 he started having a bad cough. Thumper’s regular Doc did X-rays and thought he had pneumonia. We tried all kinds of antibiotics and antifungals. “Thumper” wouldn’t play or drink water. His vet was having to hydrate him each time we went in (putting 1/2 a Liter of fluids between his shoulders). He started turning down food and laying around sleeping, not playing. I would give him syringes filled with water. They finally said “Thumper” had cancer. I thought I was losing my buddy. He’s only 10 years old.

My chiropractor had suggested seeing a holistic vet for “Thumper”. She and her husband are using herbals in their chiropractic business. In Dec 2015, we took him to see Dr Moorehead, a holistic vet in Stone Mountain. They asked us to bring samples of anything “Thumper” might be coming in contact with to check for allergies. We brought everything in short of the kitchen sink.

Using Nutrition Response Testing, Dr. Moorehead tested everything we brought in the basket (including grass and dirt samples). It turned out that “Thumper” was allergic to pretty much three quarters of the stuff which included his Blue Basic dog food, tap water, Downey Fabric softener, all of his treats and the pollen.

I changed his diet and stopped using the stuff he was allergic to. He started us on an herbal/nutritional program and we returned every 2 weeks to check his progress and titrate the supplements.
By this past Mar 2016, “Thumper” was back to jumping waist-high on me and chasing squirrels, initiating play with the other bigger boys. He still has a ways to go but he has made dramatic improvements in that short time frame. We found that the water here is high in chlorine and was literally killing his kidneys. This was leading to congestive heart failure. We took him off tap water and started buying him Publix Spring water. We also changed his diet to chicken, brown rice and broccoli. And with taking his nutritional supplements he is like a puppy!

“Thumper” is now playing with the BIGGO boys again. I would totally recommend taking your pet to see him.