Dear Dr. Moorehead,

“Suki”, my 11-month old Japanese Chin, and I would like to thank Dr. Moorhead and everyone at MainStreet Vets. You changed our lives!!

About 1½ months ago, “Suki” started crying out and whining at random. The shrilling, painful cry when you step on a puppy’s tail. No one was touching her and nothing was punching, poking or irritating her. Along with this came a solemn mood. She seemed very serious all the time, not interested in jumping or running or even playing tug-o-war with her chew toys. I was stumped as to what might be wrong with her. Assuming it was something internal or bone/joint related, I took her to a veterinarian. He felt around her abdomen, down to her spine and ran some blood work on her. He kept her for a day under observation, where he came up with nothing. Her blood work came back normal and he told me it was “probably her crying out for attention.”

Unsatisfied with this response, I began my search for a holistic doctor for “Suki”. A couple of days went by and it seemed like the cries were getting worse and more frequent. This is when I came across Dr. Moorehead’s practice. I saw lots of positive feedback on his website about what he had done and it seemed the office in its entirety seemed more into the health and well-being of the pet as a member of the family versus just a client from which they get paid. I called and made an appointment immediately.

Upon the first visit, Dr. Moorehead introduced Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) and after her initial testing, I felt immediately more positive about her “issues.” He discovered she had problems with her kidneys, liver and joints in her knees and set=up her nutritional program. After the first week on the program, I saw a change in her. She was her playful self again, bouncing around, jumping and running. My puppy was back! And she has been doing steadily well since then.

I am genuinely lucky to have found MainStreet Veterinarians for “Suki”. I really don’t know what I would’ve done otherwise. Thank you so much Dr. Moorehead and all of the friendly face that have stolen “Suki”‘s heart over the last few weeks. We appreciate you so much more than you know!

You Humble Patients,
N & “Suki”