Dear Dr. Moorehead,

We would like to take a moment to thank Dr. Moorehead and his staff for the wonderful and truly miraculous treatment they have been providing to our Chihuahua, Kiddie.

A little over a month ago, in the course of one evening, we watched Kiddie go from running to greet us when we returned home at 6:00 p.m. to completely losing the ability to walk or stand on his front legs by midnight.

Once we realized Kiddie was losing the ability to stand or walk, we rushed him to an emergency vet clinic where they diagnosed a compressed disc in his spine and suggested we immediately take him to an emergency neurologist. They advised us the cost for neurologist’s treatment (exam, x-rays, MRI’s, and surgery) would begin at $500 and exceed $5,000 for surgery. With only $100 in our pockets, we got in our car and began our journey to the neurologist’s clinic. While on our journey (in between tears and trying to figure out how we were going to find the money to help our baby), we started wondering why the clinic so quickly suggested surgery and did not offer any conservative forms of treatment, and then a little voice inside our heads reminded us of Dr. Moorehead, who treated Kiddie in the past when he was a puppy. We decided that since Kiddies’ condition was not “life threatening”, we would wait until the morning and take him to Dr. Moorehead. That “little voice” was a Godsend.

Dr. Moorehead and his staff have always treated our other Chihuahua, Peedee, but Kiddie has always been too aggressive for the hands on treatment that comes along with the NRT process. However, the following morning Dr. Moorehead and his staff were able to work patiently with Kiddie and calm him down. (Believe it or not, Kiddie still had all his “fight” about him even though he couldn’t walk!!) Using the NRT process, Dr. Moorehead was able to identify the cause of kiddies’ paralysis. His diagnosis did not include MRI’s or surgeries of any kind, but rather treatment with nutritional supplements and plenty of bed rest. Dr. Moorehead informed us that Kiddies’ progress would be slow and that he may not walk for several weeks.

Well, we are taking the time to write this to let you know that Kiddie was walking on his own again in less than two weeks!!! His walk is a little unsteady and wobbly at times, but thanks to the kind treatment by Dr. Moorehead and his staff, along with the supplements and his medical advice, we have our baby back- and without aggressive and costly medical treatments that would have caused Kiddie much more stress and pain.

We are forever grateful for the care and skill provided by Dr. Moorehead and his staff and are thankful for that “little voice” that sent us to MainStreet Veterinarians.

G, C, & Kiddie

PS. Peedee says thank you for helping her brother, too 🙂